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01 What to Tell You

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Aorta Borealis Album Credits
Steve Goold - drums and percussion
Clint Phillips - bass
Ed Harper - cello
Katherine Sullivan - viola and violin
Chris Mason - keys
Keri Norell - bgvs
Jesse Norell - vocals and guitars
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Carr at LaSalle Studios
Cover Art by Michael Lane
All additional Album Artwork by Dwight Lion


I remember where I
Sat on the bedroom floor
And heard your diagnosis
Over the telephone
In the eleventh hour of
the night that you were born

The holes found in your heart now
Echoed in my own and
Trisomy 21 was
A kick when I was down
In the dark, aloud, I thought
What do I do now

Unequipped to relay the news
Forgive me if I seem a bit confused
I know we’ve prayed for a brighter view
But I just don’t know what to tell you
I just don’t know what to tell you

I don’t know what I
Expected friends to say but
Not congratulations
Not it’ll be ok
And sorry for your loss, well
All I could do was wait

All night long I wrestled to make sense
Of how a blessing turned into a mess
I hope someday we'll have a clearer view
For now I just don’t know what to tell you
I just don’t know what to… what to tell you