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12 Welcome to Sydney

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Aorta Borealis Album Credits
Steve Goold - drums and percussion
Clint Phillips - bass
Ed Harper - cello
Katherine Sullivan - viola and violin
Chris Mason - keys
Keri Norell - bgvs
Jesse Norell - vocals and guitars
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Carr at LaSalle Studios
Cover Art by Michael Lane
All additional Album Artwork by Dwight Lion


Packed my bags for the Cayman Islands
Gathered up all the best intel
Bought gear for long hikes, prepared for a short flight
Booked a beachside hotel

But to my surprise, when I arrived... I heard

Welcome to Sydney, it's a wonderful place
What a beautiful city, an urban landscape
Welcome to Sydney, we're glad that you're here
A short ride on a ferry can get you practically anywhere
It's time to begin again

Checked on policies for refunds
Threw my guidebooks in the trash
Wondered if in 20 years I'll lament
The trip I never had
But when I walked outside and rubbed my eyes
I thought

Welcome to Sydney, we've got so much to do
We can take a wildlife tour
Fist bump a kangaroo (or two)
Welcome to Sydney with open arms
Doesn't matter how you got here, you're here now
It's time to begin again

I don't mind change
Don't mind adjustments
But let me adapt
Without any judgments

I don't mind change
I might seem reluctant
But I think that my best life lies here
In the present

If your heart breaks
And your chest feels empty
Put in the time
For reassembly

Welcome again
To your new reality
It's not the same
But it's staggeringly beautiful

Staggeringly beautiful
Staggeringly beautiful

Welcome home
Welcome home